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Questions about the process

  • How much does using EasyGov cost?

    Using the platform EasyGov is free of charge. However, costs may occur when registering your company with the Commercial Register, VAT on your turnover or OASI contributions. These costs also would occur if you had registered your company through conventional channels. Registering your company via EasyGov is not cheaper or more expensive, but it saves time that you can use for your core business.

  • How does EasyGov work?

    You will be guided through various steps where you can input the required data. Explanations and examples will help you provide the correct information. Before transmitting the data electronically, or printing out a signature-ready document, you will always have the opportunity to check that all the information is correct.

  • How do I know that a registration with the Commercial Register, an insurance or VAT was successful?

    Once you have created an EasyGov account you will conduct all transactions from your customised EasyGov Cockpit. You will see there which processes you have started and which ones have been successfully completed. The government office in question will decide if a registration has been successful or not; within a few days they will either con-firm your registration or get in touch in case of open questions.

  • Can I use EasyGov without being a registered user?

    EasyGov is a transactional portal, not an information website. It helps you manage administrative tasks. To use EasyGov, you will need to register as a user. You can find information regarding Small and Medium Businesses on SECO’s SME Portal.

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